Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is this? The FAQ

This is a preliminary FAQ for the show. If there are any other questions you think might fit, comment and let us know.

What is Varied Celluloid?

Varied Celluloid (linked here) is a cult film fan site run by webmaster Josh (aka pantsman111). It qualifies as a "fan journalism" site which provides news, reviews, and discussion via message board about cult films (including, but not limited to, horror, exploitation, westerns, Eurocrime, martial arts/Asian, sci-fi, and art house).

What is VCinema?

VCinema (linked here) is a for-the-fans live movie show hosted by me, Coffin Jon, a longtime cult film fan and, by profession, teacher and library staff member. The 'back end' of the show is provided by Josh and me.

How can I contact VCinema or Varied Celluloid?

VCinema: vcinema@variedcelluloid.net
Varied Celluloid: josh@variedcelluloid.net

What is Livestream?

Livestream, our current feed provider, is not affiliated with Varied Celluloid or VCinema in any shape or form. They provide us with a service and some of the tools to allow broadcast of our show to the general audience. Information about their service can be found on their site (linked here).

What is the format of VCinema?

The VCinema screen is set up in conformity to Livestream's page format. The left side is the viewing screen with a lower side tool bar that has the following controls from left to right: power (turns off screen without shutting down chat), embed (provides HTML code to embed the screen on a web or social networking page), full-screen (allows viewing screen, and not chat, to go full-screen on your computer monitor), On-Air (turns red when feed is live, otherwise white; number indicates total number of viewers), On-Demand (opens on-demand video menu of pre-recorded videos), Mute (looks like a speaker icon; click to enable, click again to disable), volume up ('+'), volume down ('-'), and Menu (opens up submenu which contains several options described previously).

To "exit" the menu screen, click on the viewing window.

On the right side of the viewing screen is a standard text chat interface with options to change the color, bold, italicize, or underline your text. The far right of the chat interface shows the number and names of people in the chat room. You do not need to be a member of Livestream, Varied Celluloid, or VCinema to chat or watch the VCinema show. When you first start chatting you will be prompted to enter a username for the purpose of chatting.

Why isn't there voice chat?

Technologically speaking, voice chat can take up a lot of bandwidth which, in turn, can slow down the show. As well, several people chatting at once can be a headache to listeners so simultaneous voice chat will probably never be used in the show.

However, a 'call-in' segment, in which someone Skypes in or calls from a telephone, might be used in future shows. Stay tuned.

What are the contents of a VCinema show?

Show contents will change at any time but will usually include a short (30 minutes) pre-show with music and chat, a live hosted broadcast including film reviews, clips, contests, and/or games, then a full-length feature film.

Are there any restrictions about the show that I should know of?

VCinema shows should always be considered VC-17 (NC-17 ;) ) and participants should be over the age of 18 since visuals in movies shown can be graphically intense but tasteful -- we will never knowingly show pornography or real violence (unless it's a documentary). All movies and pre-recorded content is screened by me before broadcasting.

Technically, VCinema is an amateur broadcast controlled by regular people with jobs and lives and brought by less than technologically optimal means. Because of this, shows can be cancelled at any time and we can not guarantee the quality of broadcasts or any technical troubles caused by the result of technological limitations on your or our end; i.e. the show is meant to be taken 'as-is'. With that said, if you experience any problems during a broadcast, let someone know in the chat room and/or try refreshing your screen. Technical problems on the broadcasting end will be handled on my end.

If I miss a show, can I re-watch it?

No, sorry. Livestream provides very limited recording capabilities so no shows will be recorded for the time being.

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